What is SEO?

Could you possibly know that 90% of consumers search for businesses online, 75% never leave Google’s first page, and 55% spend less than fifteen seconds on a website? We did, and this is where we come in. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing a website’s online content and increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic for search engines to crawl and, as a result, rank higher on said search engines. Page and image optimization, installing and managing SEO plugins, improving website speed and health, and internal back-linking are all things associated with SEO.

Getting to the First Page of Google

In order to get your company’s website to the first page of any search engine, there are two methods that can be used. The first is via search engine optimization (SEO), while the second is via Google Ads. Google Ads is a nearly instant way to get your company to the first page for your targeted keywords, however, it can be an expensive option if you are not looking for immediate results. On the contrary, SEO can take 6-12 months to get your website to the first page of Google depending on the business’s target keywords and is a much slower, and more organic route to take.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO has been a critical component of online marketing in 2021, as more businesses move online and abandon storefront locations. When a company has more visibility and ranks higher online, it has a better chance of obtaining new leads and gaining new customers. Higher algorithm scores in comparison to your competitors’ sites give your company’s site an advantage when those business buzzwords are searched via a search engine. B9 Solution offers high-quality SEO services to all clients. Our extensive understanding of the inner workings of SEO and focus on improvising a site’s rankings in all categories will undoubtedly benefit you and your company.

What We Do

By going above and beyond to ensure all expectations are met, B9 Solution will ensure your business is targeting the correct audience who are in the market for your specific service or product. Our SEO experts will boost your trust, visibility, and overall leads in order to generate more business for you. You will be ranked on the first page for the keywords relevant to your business. Our team provides monthly reports so you can see the progress on the targeted keywords. Don’t know what keywords to use? Don’t be concerned; our team of experts will assist you in selecting the best keywords for your website. We have direct access to Google’s search database and can see which keywords are earning the most traffic.

We go beyond basic marketing strategies to create effective management strategies based on our unparalleled database of market research. B9 Solution team is an expert in the online marketing industry and the best in Mohali for SEO processes. If you are interested in beginning SEO services, please contact us at +91 7529888988 and ask to speak with an SEO expert. We can go over any concerns you have about your company and even offer advice on how to succeed in the future. On a daily basis, B9 Solutions provides vision, thought leadership, and effective support to assist business establishments of all sizes in increasing their ROI and growth.

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