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Need assistance with your Amazon PPC strategy? B9 Solutions can help you smoothly run your Amazon PPC campaign. Work with our experts and boost your pay per click return on investment.
  • Amazon PPC experts to manage your campaign
  • Exclusive Amazon marketing strategies made for your business
  • Custom-made account management from our experts

Let Our Amazon PPC Ad Experts Accelerate Your Brand Growth

When your product shows up on search engines when someone finds your product or service, it means you succeed. When it doesn’t, it means you’re lacking somewhere. This is where PPC campaigns come into play. Not only this, the campaign makes a lot of sense when your product or service does not rank organically on Amazon. The real success is when you know how to manage the entire process correctly. Most of the searches start with Amazon, and capturing this part can be worth it. 

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With over 9+ years of eCommerce marketing knowledge, B9 Solutions blends tailored solutions with industry experience to come up with unique and quality results.

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Creating paid campaigns to re-engage your target audience is all we do. Put the expertise and experience of our Amazon PPC experts together and see how it works wonders.

Can I Succeed on Amazon?

There’s no one size fits all solution. When it comes to Amazon PPC management services, we’ll walk you through the custom solutions as per your requirements and determine what makes sense to boost your business growth.

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    How Does PPC Lead Generation Work?

    PPC Campaign Audit and Setup

    The first and foremost step is we will learn about your company, its objectives, and existing PPC campaigns (if any). Also, our team ensures auditing all your campaigns to identify all the strengths and weaknesses.

    Extensive Keyword Research and Planning

    Get into the minds of your targeted audience and see what they are searching for. Separate the negative aspects and make a list of all the possible keywords and phrases. We are responsible for targeting the right keywords and, ideally, configuring your PPC campaign. When run by our professional team, you can generate higher conversion rates and lower cost per click (CPC) no matter the paid traffic source and platform.

    Paid Traffic Landing Page Design

    The secret sauce for your eCommerce business can be to develop particular landing pages for your website. This will not only increase your CPC through increased relevancy but also improve CRO. With B9 Solutions, you can expect a team of seasoned Web Developers and Designers who can help you create the highest-quality landing pages relevant to your site. It will genuinely help you raise the quality and quantity of the inbound leads.

    B2B Lead Generation

    Paid traffic? It’s one of the best and most effective strategies! With this, B2B companies can increase the lead quantity and improve lead quality. For further information, let our Amazon PPC experts have a word together and help your B2B company get better leads today!

    Our Amazon PPC Management Services Include:

    Everyone wants their products on the top of search results when it comes to customer shopping on your eCommerce platform. Offering the best product-based shopping search engine services throughout India, B9 Solutions can help you to be easily found via pay per click advertising. Some of our Amazon PPC management services include:

    • Seller Account/ Brand Setup
    • Full Amazon Account Audit
    • Competitor Research
    • Ad Creation
    • Bid Management
    • Campaign Modification
    • Budget Management
    • Monthly Detailed Reviews

    How Does PPC Advertising Work on Amazon?

    Pay Per Click Advertising (in short, PPC Advertising) is one of a type where advertisers bid for advertising placement in the online web space. You’ll be charged every time your ad is clicked on. When it comes to Amazon, we, as sellers, will bid for your product placement through PPC advertising. This may fall under the Sponsored Products and Product Display Ads section of Amazon’s search engine result pages. Regarding the usage of Amazon PPC advertising services, you can utilize it in the following ways:

    Manual Bidding
    Under this, sellers will set a particular bidding amount for every product or service on their website. The higher the bid, the higher the product placement on Amazon’s search engine results.
    Automatic Bidding

    Under the automatic bidding section, Amazon will set the bidding amount on your product or service. They do it so to ensure placing the product close to the search results top. As a seller, you can count on PPC advertising to target particular product categories, keywords, or phrases.

    For instance, a customer searches for one of your products. They will search by these keywords on Amazon, and your product will then be displayed on the Sponsored Products and Product Display Ads section of the search result page.
    With the help of our Amazon PPC advertising services, ensure boosting traffic to your product pages and increase product visibility on Amazon.