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Shopify Website Development: How Much Does It Cost in 2023?

Shopify website Development
Are you a businessman? Do you want to launch a reliable eCommerce website that is fast, secure, and user-friendly? Shopify is the perfect eCommerce platform to cater to your needs.
The selection of premade templates has made Shopify popular among its competitors. If you are a newbie planning for an eCommerce website for your business, Shopify can work the best. It is welcoming due to the following reasons:


Intuitive user interface and


You can find other alternatives that are open-source and free to use, like WordPress and Adobe Commerce. If you choose Shopify over other e-commerce platforms, you will need to select a plan and pay a subscription fee to keep it functional. 

Why not other eCommerce open-source platforms than Shopify? You might wonder at once. But that depends on your end goal and the resources at hand. If you have a Shopify web design agency or a team of web designers, developers, and more, then you can go for WordPress to set up your eCommerce store.
On the contrary, Shopify is perfect when you don’t want any technicalities to set up a site but still require a scalable and high-performing platform.

Shopify website design pricing

How much to charge for Shopify website?

Shopify store development cost

Custom Shopify website cost

How much should I charge for a Shopify website?

Juggling with all these questions in mind? Don’t worry; we are here to help you overcome everything and clear your doubts in this post.

Let’s start with

Shopify App- What is it?

Shopify is an eCommerce app that has helped individuals and businesses create their stores and sell their products or services online. With this, you can

Accept payments online

Categorize products

Track sales statistics

Personalize storefronts and more

Shopify has something for everyone. Whether a newbie or has a wide sales channel, it has tools, features, and options to help give a boost to your business.

Types of Shopify Apps

Public Apps:

These are open to every merchant and are available in the Shopify App Store. You can install the apps listed in Shopify’s app store. You won’t find the unlisted apps in the store; instead, get them from the developer’s end or the app’s store.

Custom Apps:

These apps are particularly created for merchants and are not available in the app store. These apps are capable of expanding your business online. External developers won’t even require API access to your store to build these custom applications.

Private Apps:

Developers are at the forefront of creating these private apps. In this case, merchants who are not able to meet their specific requirements opt for private applications. Your store only uses these apps not published on the Shopify app store. If an external developer requires it, they will have to get API and Shopify admin access.

Draft Apps:

Draft applications are valuable for Shopify partners to use throughout the development testing process. You can only install them in development stores, further disabling store transfer.

The Working of Shopify

According to research, average SEO costs range between $2000-6500 a month. The cost of SEO services differs depending on the competitiveness of the keywords targeted, the services comprised, and the type of SEO agency you choose (US, overseas, freelancer, etc., Local SEO campaigns were lower, averaging around $1,500 per month.

1. Shopify brings together all of your products on a single platform.

2. Hello MERCHANTS……!!!! Besides brick-and-mortar locations, you can also customize and sell your products in multiple spots, including phone, web, or in-person. Various channels will also work best, from social media to other online marketplaces.

3. As Shopify is completely hosted and cloud-based, you can access it from any connected yet compatible device. This gives you an opportunity to run your business from anywhere.

4. Shopify groups technologies together and ensures you easily integrate other tools to make it work the best for your business.

Benefits of Shopify App
Shopify has been an excellent app for e-commerce businesses looking to expand their products and services online. The app comes with numerous benefits a business can decide upon a platform. Some of them include:

Quick and easy to set up and use:

As a Shopify user, you can launch an online store without the hassle of development costs. It’s an easy-to-use user interface that logically structures all the features together. With Shopify, you can explore various documentation and video guides to help yourself every step of the way.

24x7 Customer Support:

The best part about Shopify is that customer support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to solve your queries and provide valuable responses throughout. It has a prompt response time depicting your business never on its own.

Reliable and Secure:

With an eCommerce business, you will have broad data and customer information, including your personal and credit card details. As Shopify stores are credible, you can ensure a fast and secure website with no downtime.

A Few Tech Concerns:

You can set up and run your online stores with Shopify’s software, hosting, and integrations with Third-Party apps. Shopify not only makes it easier to develop online stores, but it is also faster and more secure, accommodating potential traffic spikes.

Mobile Responsive Theme:

A mobile-responsive website is now required, not optional. Shopify designs are all mobile-responsive, and the platform comes with a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart.

Purchase Data

As a Shopify user, you can buy data via apps on this platform. Moreover, you can also have a detailed analysis of the sales process.

Scalability and Enhancements

Apps on Shopify are more scalable and provide opportunities to add functionalities and features to your growing business. Certain apps are available to make it easy for you to focus on your business sales. These range from strengthening the shopping experience and accepting payments for backend functions.
Some of the other advantages can be:

The availability of apps on Shopify is a plus point for users. These allow for smooth customization and offer tailored solutions to every merchant’s needs.

You can get an added feature of generating statistics for targeted marketing. Marketing can be personal as well, further helping you improve and optimize sales revenue.

There are many marketing and advertising options available for your business. Divide customers and get customized marketing tips and recommendations.

Social media with Shopify apps can work wonders. These both can seamlessly and easily integrate with each other. With them, you can boost your brand image, improve customer reach, and share experiences within a few easy clicks.

How Much Does Shopify Cost?
When you use Shopify, you get access to design flexibility, sales channels, and various website features. What a wonderful thing to get all the resources under the same roof. Isn’t it? All of us desire such a platform to get our tasks done within a short span of time. But did you ever think of your custom Shopify website cost or Shopify store development cost? How much does all this cost to you?
Giving it a thought can help you to an extent. To make it more clear, below are diverse Shopify cost plans you can rely upon.
Let’s break down each Shopify website design pricing plan with the features they include to make it easy for you and help you make a better choice for your online store development.

Shopify Starter

$ 10-15 Monthly
  • Shopify Starter is the best choice when it comes to you to sell your products or services through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You will not have a publicly visible website. Instead, there will be a link to a store that you can insert on your social media pages.
  • What do you get?
  • Mobile optimised
  • Unlimited products
  • Blogging features
  • Free SSL certificates

Basic Shopify

$ 45-50 Monthly
  • The basic Shopify plan is best if you are starting a small business, have a mini store, or need to build an online storefront.
  • What do you get?
  • Unlimited products
  • Abandoned cart delivery
  • Have an actual website
  • You can also accept offline payments for a particular transaction rate


$ 95-100 Monthly
  • Alas! You’ll enjoy this plan if you have a growing business for which you require a solid website. The top-notch and useful data reports under this plan can help you track the achievements of your online store.
  • What do you get?
  • All the regular features, including gift cards, SSL certificates, abandoned cart delivery
  • Lower transaction fees under this plan (both for in-person and online payments)

Advanced Shopify

$ 299 Monthly
  • We all know that medium and large businesses have the potential to grow more. If you have bigger goals in mind, you can rely on the Advanced Shopify feature. It comes with more advanced reporting and delivery and store pickup features.
  • What do you get?
  • SSL certificates
  • Blogging
  • Cart recovery
  • Discount codes
  • Gift cards
  • Lower fees
Let’s break down each Shopify website design pricing plan with the features they include to make it easy for you and help you make a better choice for your online store development.
Creating the Shopify App in Easy Steps
Preparing your Shopify app development is neither too easy nor too difficult. The procedure and submission can occur in a few easy steps.
An Open-source System
For developers, Shopify is like a cherry on the cake. They are making the most of this platform to construct and design apps. Adhering to the standards, developers can run their apps inside the Shopify admin. Its components include typography, illustrations, colors, space, icons, and interaction states, among many.
Tools and Resources
Again, the best part of using Shopify is that you may design your app using your preferred programming language. Use some tools and resources and follow instructions to get the best results.

You must have a Shopify partner or a ngrok account.

Have a text editor on your system and access to the command line.

Know about any backend language like Java, PHP, Python, etc.

Install software with npm package manager.

Develop the App

You can develop Shopify app with the following steps:

1. Assimilate your app with the Shopify platform.

2. Establish UI with an open-source system.

3. Approach and set the Rest API

4. Next, accommodate the billing API.

5. Exploy webhooks to capture and react to the events.

Ensure your programs and data safety and check for their dangers before releasing them.

Security Tests
The next step is to do frequent security tests and maintenance on the Shopify app. Hindering the launch, you ought to take care of the following steps:

1. Request verification

2. Site-to-site scripting

3. SQL data injection

3. Cookies

4. Open ports management

5. Insecure direct object references

6. DNS records examination for speed optimization

6. And so on

Submission and Review

Have you tested your Shopify app? Is it productive? After reviewing, you can submit your Shopify app to Google or Apple Play.
Next, the review team from Shopify App will look into the app you have created and go through it to see whether the app satisfies particular requirements or not. It’s upon reviewers to confirm the functionality and authentication, keeping it operational. They’ll check everything, which might take approximately 6 to 8 days to keep users up-to-date on the status of their app.
If you think Shopify is an expensive alternative, not necessarily. You can get many cost benefits to prefer Shopify over other platforms. To name a few, some advantages include:

Low Maintenance Costs

Setting up an eCommerce store is easier than you think. You can install and develop a site yourself, provided all the guidelines in front of you. Generally, these sites require coding skills and complex setups for which you might need the assistance of a professional eCommerce developer.

Reliable Support

At times, you might get stuck in the process of setting up a website. Therefore, selecting a Shopify plan would be an excellent option. You are sure to get first-hand assistance or priority customer support with lesser maintenance charges.

Lower Setting Up Costs

Regarding open-source platforms, you can download these for free and get your developers’ help to install them. As it doesn’t cost a penny, upgrading or extending the capabilities can be beneficial when it comes to saving your money. As compared, Shopify assures these issues for a fee, depending on your chosen pricing plan. It will cover all the technical hassles, ensuring you focus only on the core of your business.

Security Features

Security is paramount for any business. AGREE?? When developing an eCommerce platform, you must ensure your data is safe and comply with all the guidelines. Therefore, Shopify is a certified Level 1 platform, with all its stores being PCI-certified by Default.
So, don’t worry about setting up security standards and spending money and time creating certificates on your site. Hurray! A major Shopify perk…


Shopify Development Cost Factors

Understanding and building a Shopify website has many potential benefits. You need to discuss the right Shopify website design pricing plan based on your requirements. The fees, features, and advantages may vary depending on the plan you select.
Shopify will levy a fee for every transaction you make using a third-party payment service provider. The fee percentage structure also depends on the plan you choose.
Shopify will also charge per transaction when you accept payments through credit cards. The charge structure relies upon your plan subscription.
You’ll get many themes inside Shopify to design your eCommerce store in no time. There are free and paid theme options that are sure to meet your goals and satisfy your niche. With paid themes comes customer support for up to 12 months. Get customization options if you are setting up our new Shopify store.
A domain name is also one of the most important factors when setting up your website. If you get it from a third-party provider, there are no extra costs. You’ll get a domain name in every plan. But when it comes to the free domains available on Shopify, there will be “myshopify.com” behind your store name.
You will be surprised to know that there are some boosters that can remarkably help you enhance your website performance. Yes, Shopify apps are one of a kind. The free versions can offer valuable features, while the paid ones might come with premium functions. Confused about which way to go?

Pro-Tip* Try to get a custom domain name. Getting a free domain with the “myshopify.com” extension might seem unprofessional and make it difficult for users to enter your site in the URL bar.

You can contact expert Shopify advisors like us at B9 Solutions to get the best outcomes and meet your goals in no time. We will listen to your requirements and help you with everything you desire. Let us be your preferred one-stop, trusted destination you can rely on.

Tricks to Reduce Shopify Costs

The variation in costs is because of the plan you choose and your project’s scope. Shopify might seem a bit costly if you are starting a business. But it provides the necessary features and benefits you need.
You can save a considerable amount of money when building your Shopify website. If you want to reduce your costs, take the help of some of our tips and tricks for better outcomes.

Downgrading Plans

At times, you aren’t able to manage expenses. It happens, and there’s no big deal. Suppose you have a premium Shopify plan; you can switch to a standard plan. You might lose some features, but upscale those back when consistently at work.

Leveraging Discounts

You can leverage discounts that Shopify offers its merchants. You can get commitment rewards on this platform. Opting for their three-year or annual payment plan might seem costly at the initial stages. But you will end up saving more in the long run.

Using Free Themes

Are you just starting? As it takes time to design your store, you can get free themes available on this platform. These are responsive, easy to use, and even help reduce Shopify costs.

Finding Free Apps

Certainly, premium apps provide many features. If you think paid apps are burning a hole in your pocket, you can use free app alternatives. This will significantly reduce the Shopify development costs.

Using Shopify Payments

The benefits of using Shopify Payments are:

1. Eliminates the pain of creating third-party merchant accounts

2. Easy and quick activation

3. Offers options for buyers

4. Saves money on transaction fees

5. Fraud analysis

6. Address verification system

7. Card verification value

The Shopify Payments option can help aid higher charges, offering premium perks like fraud detection. This will, indeed, help you grow your business.
The above factors can greatly impact Shopify website design pricing. Always keep a count on these pointers before deciding on a Shopify for your eCommerce website. Implement these tips and make the most of your money.
How much should I charge for a Shopify website?
“How much should I charge for a Shopify website?” or “Is there any specific Shopify store development cost?” Worry not; you can get assistance and guidance from a professional Shopify web design agency like B9 Solutions for the best results. We will cater to your requirements and provide customized solutions, taking into account every inch. Our expert team of developers has the expertise to navigate and sync your business for higher sales and greater traffic.
With us by your side, you can optimize the platform efficiently and be on top of your competitors. Get the highest quality services at the most reasonable prices. We’re here for you!
For further information or the latest industry news, get in touch with us today!

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