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Google Ads Management Services

We develop agile ad campaigns to help your company grow. Our Google Ads agency professionals bring your website on pace for increased leads and sales. To achieve the most outstanding results, we concentrate on catching the attention of your target clients with exciting content.

Google Ads Management Services

With over years of experience, our paid online search marketing company has a client-focused approach to Google Ads Management. With paid search conversions, our Google ads agency can help boost your business by more than 485%.

Our proven strategies ads management strategies not only generate conversions but also increase them by eliminating wastage.

  • Are a leading and certified Google partner agency in Google ads
  • Hold meetings and are always up-to-date, providing detailed monthly reports
  • Provide custom eCommerce Google Ads strategies focused on online sales

Make Your Paid Search Marketing Campaign a Success with B9 Solutions Professionals

B9 Solutions makes it worth it by managing your Google ads account to help drive maximum buyers to your website. With our expertise and cost-effective solutions, we are focused on approaching customers who search precisely what you search for.

At B9 Solutions, we’ll meet your sales or leads targets by developing effective campaigns and utilizing powerful tools. When you invest in Google ads, you are helping eager buyers find your website for a specific service. Without ad campaigns, it wouldn’t be possible for you to find a platform through organic search techniques. With industry experience and our in-house team, stand out in the limelight to drive maximum campaign performance with our Google ads agency.

And Here's The Most Incredible Part

We Know How To Do It.

Transparent, Real-Time Reporting

We’ve opened up our system to allow you complete access to the data and figures. Log in and monitor how your campaign is tracking in real time with just a few clicks.

Certified Google Partners

To gain an advantage of the best SEO agency over the competition, collaborate with some of America’s top digital marketers, designers, and content writers.

We Get Real Results

We collaborate closely with you to understand your industry, objectives and goals, and vision for your company, leading to results that significantly influence your bottom line.


Are you looking for a reputable Google ads agency? Google Ads experts at B9 Solutions can help you take your campaign to greater heights. So, get your website back on track to increase leads and sales. 

Hire our digital professionals with Google ads and watch as clicks, leads, and sales flow in without lifting a finger. Our feasible hyper-targeted advertising campaigns are meant to catch people’s attention, further generating leads and delivering excellent outcomes.

If you’ve ever attempted to launch your own Google Ads campaign, you know how difficult it can be. With nearly limitless modification options for your advertising and additional options for targeting them, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You must make an eye-catching ad that gives the necessary information and draws the appropriate people to your company. Too many people waste hundreds, if not thousands, attempting to get their campaigns to work.

When you work with Digital Marketing Agency B9 Solutions professionals, you gain access to our years of experience, testing, and trials. Our Google ads agency experts have put in the effort to test campaigns and discover the best ways to run ads. This means you receive accurate, measurable outcomes and the best possible return on your investment. 


We maintain transparency, high quality, and clear communication


We provide you with various keyword options and select the ones that will give you the desired results that will help you achieve your goals.


We build a text ad demonstrating to your target market that you mean business and what they are getting by clicking on your ad.


We also do market research to find the best keywords for your ads to attract the targeted audience.


We devise a budget that meets your requirements and provides you with the most value for money. This covers your monthly budget and your maximum cost per click.


We regularly monitor your campaign’s performance, modifying and optimizing to maximize effectiveness and deliver the leads and conversions you require.


As your company expands, so will your Google Ads campaign. Add new products and services, and we’ll update your campaign.



With highly targeted ad campaigns, you can rapidly connect with paying clients while filtering away window shoppers. Customers can be targeted by niche, demographic, age, search phrases, and more, giving you a greater insight into your consumer base as you go. So, get in touch with B9 Solutions AdWords immediately!

Our team of professionals creates advertisements that go beyond simply targeting relevant keywords. We captivate audiences with captivating ad copy and meticulously test landing pages through A/B testing. We continuously optimize and refine campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness. Additionally, we emphasize identifying the precise language and landing pages that deeply resonate with your customers, resulting in higher conversion rates. Success lies in reaching the right audience; the more you do so, the more outstanding your achievements will be.

Google Search Ads operate on a pay-per-click model, ensuring you only incur costs when someone clicks on your ad. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have developed highly effective strategies to generate genuine leads through Google Ads rather than mere clicks. Our approach centers around captivating your target audience with compelling ad text and attention-grabbing copy. By doing so, we streamline your advertising process, saving you valuable time, money, and effort.

Get Your Google Ads Campaign Estimate

B9 Solutions is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your Google Ads campaign.

Our comprehensive proposal will outline the precise actions we’ll take, provide transparent cost estimates, and detail our strategy to outperform your competition.

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As Google ads management experts, we offer the following services:

B9 Solutions has successfully created and managed Google ads or AdWords accounts. We’ve been driving sales and leads to help you make the most of your ad spend. We are determined to provide you with the following services:

  • Keyword research and planning
  • Google ads campaign budget analysis
  • Competitor ads review
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Google ads campaign set up
  • Google ad copy creation and testing
  • Conversion rate analysis
  • Content review and modifications
  • Google Analytics review
  • Ongoing bid adjustments and much more

How Does Google Ads Work?

Individuals turn to Google to search multiple things a billion times a day. As a digital marketing business, Google ads work. These operate under a PPC model where marketers target a specific keyword to make bids. Then, they compete with others targeting the same keyword.  

We have the power to help you reach your customers at the right time. Also, our Google ads agency will solve your queries and answer every question you have. Using various tools and techniques within Google Ads, we can familiarize visitors with your brand, services, and what you offer.  Grow your business by increasing your leads and sales.

Google Ads Management Services
Google Ads Management Services

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

So, how much do Google ads cost? The answers may vary depending on who your customer is and what they are searching for. Based on the CPC model, each keyword has a different cost-per-click. That depends on the popularity of keywords and the spending of competitors.

Basically, Google ads run on a bidding model. If you are willing to spend more than everyone, your ad will be above theirs. This is the main reason why keywords are so popular and expensive per click, working best for businesses to drive more sales. The budget may increase or decrease campaign performance, seasonal changes, and other factors. Remember to be aware of the price you are spending and have complete control over your budget.

Worry not if you’re in any trouble. The team at B9 Solutions can work with you to decide on campaigns and help you drive more ROI. Depending on your end goals and competition, our Google ads agency can guide you on the optimal budget.    

Google Ads Management Services
Google Ads Management Services

Working with The B9 Solutions Ads Management Team

With us by your side, you structure the whole process around hitting your targets and reaching your goals. We’ll make a strategy, work out the plan, and help you overcome issues at the same time. By targeting your standards and crafting the process, we can together hit the marks and stand out from our competitors. Our Google ads agency and the team will work tirelessly to ensure analyzing, optimizing, and enhancing your Google Add with proper keywords at the most reasonable prices. Let us engage and effectively come up with optimal results.

Google Ads Management for eCommerce Websites

We can help! Yes, our services for your eCommerce businesses can become visible at the same time a customer is looking to purchase. Having complete control over your advertising budget, we’ll also look over the searches that trigger your ads to show. 

For instance, you want to rank for searches like “new shoes” or “types of basketball shoes” for organic search results. You can rather best spend your bucks on searches like “buy shoes online,” as individuals are more likely to search for this phrase. This will help them complete their purchase by leveraging the ads within Google Shopping, where your product is visible to the customer. Moreover, they can learn about your products in detail and compare/contrast why you are better than your competitors.

Google Adwords Agency

Save Money with an Effective Ads Campaign

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, some organizations may poorly manage Google ad campaigns. This may further lead to a loss for businesses spending more than required to achieve their goals. The reasons can be:

  • No active management of the campaigns
  • Bidding on the wrong keywords
  • Directing visitors to low converting landing pages
  • Promoting ads at the wrong time of the day
  • Using only text ads, not Google Shopping
  • Lacking negative keywords within campaigns
  • Hiring an inexperienced company to manage your campaigns

Surprisingly, the campaign comes out to be 50% effective. Worry not; B9 Solutions will take care of your targets, configure out issues, identify opportunities for improvement, and overcome everything that comes your way. Trust us; we’re here to help you be on top of your competitors. 

The Importance of Optimized Paid Search Landing Pages

Once you find the key to your ads campaign can help you succeed in the long run. What’s that? Well, it’s a well-developed landing page that grabs the attention of visitors and directs them to the steps you want them to take. Without a converting landing page or a website, you won’t be in a position to get positive returns on ad spending. The major elements can include copy, headline, imagery, and call to action (these are buttons or links for where you direct them to land). We have expertise in creating excellent landing pages and their A/B versions to analyze which performs better.

Google Ads Management Pricing

The prices to manage Google Ads may vary but typically range from 10-12% of spending. For instance, if you spend $10,000 per month on Ads, at 10%, your management fee would be $1,000. We are here to help our clients save more than spending on management fees. Our team accomplishes this by making the campaign highly efficient, effective, and profit-driven. For an exact estimate, fill out our form or call +91 96136-33000!

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To experience our dedicated support throughout the entire process. We collaborate closely with you, continuously adjusting and enhancing your strategy to deliver tangible and impressive outcomes. By combining the power of Google Search Ads with tailor-made solutions, you can significantly impact the digital realm. We optimize your website to attract increased traffic, drive conversions, and boost sales across all channels. Speak to one of our knowledgeable Digital Growth Experts and embark on your journey toward success today.      

Let us chat about it and walk you through it.

We can help you be seen by your customers showing interest in your products and services. We aim for a seamless navigation that is visually appealing to your customers. Get your
ads to the right people and bring your brand to life!

Google Ads FAQs

At B9 Solutions, we can measure the success of a Google Ads Campaign by evaluating key metrics like CPC (Click-per-count), CTR (Click Through Rate), Conversion rate, and ROI (Return On Investment). Backed by excellent reporting tools and a data-driven approach, our team can optimize your campaign and improve performance to achieve your desired goals. 

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool that you can use to find new keywords, watch out for the estimated search volume, and discover the costs to target them. It is technically a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tool that helps decide the profitable keywords for our clients.

You can choose either way. One, go to https://ads.google.com/signup to create your account; Second, we’ll set up one for you. We’ll provide complete control over your account with you remaining in control of the access. 

Google Ads can attract customers, while AdSense attracts publishers. That means Google Ads can present your ads across Google and its properties, and the latter can monetize a website. 

Google Ads directly manages YouTube Ads. All you need to do is upload a video on YouTube, and we’ll further leverage it in an advertising format. We’ll show your video with some specific content when individuals directly search on YouTube. Trust B9 Solutions to make your video count, ensuring excellent ad performance.

Yes, Google does offer new account credits. You can view Google’s current promotion when you open a brand new account. Google generally offers $100- $250 in credits. 

Negative keywords can prevent your ads from being triggered by a specific word or phrase. These are generally used to lead Google Ads not to show up in certain circumstances. For instance, your site sells musical keyboards. You may add negative keywords like “computer keyboard,” ensuring you show up when someone is up for musical keyboards. 

The prices may vary depending on your goals and the competitive landscape. This is where we come into play. B9 Solutions can determine your business and leverage the industry benchmarks to provide you with the best Google Ads services at the most reasonable prices. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to work with you in the most comfortable manner. Are you the one? Together, let us start a successful Google Ads campaign today!