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Digital Marketing For Solar Companies

Digital marketing strategies for solar companies drive more leads and boost panel installations.

Comparing digital marketing to a solar-powered home, a suitable investment and a reliable company can bring substantial returns. For solar companies, your website is not just an online brochure but a robust sales and marketing tool. It functions as a virtual sales representative, working round the clock to generate numerous leads from local homeowners every month.

How do you reach more local customers? With solar marketing.

At B9 Solutions, we are a comprehensive online marketing agency specializing in providing digital marketing services specifically tailored to solar companies. Through a strategic blend of paid advertising and organic marketing channels, we assist solar companies in achieving the following objectives:
  1. INCREASED LEADS AND SALES: Our first priority is to enhance lead generation by attracting more traffic to your website. This will be achieved through various strategies such as pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) tailored explicitly for solar companies, effective utilization of social media platforms, and other proven channels. Additionally, we will optimize your solar company website extensively, ensuring SEO-friendly content and a blazing-fast website that maximizes conversion rates, transforming more visitors into valuable leads.
  2. OPTIMIZE MARKETING COSTS: Are you dissatisfied with the lackluster results of your solar digital marketing campaigns? Are you investing substantial amounts in PPC ads only to find that your cost per lead is exorbitant or, worse, that the leads are not qualified? Look no further. The B9 Solutions team of solar marketing experts is here to revamp your marketing campaigns, ensuring enhanced brand visibility and a higher influx of leads, all at a reasonable cost.
  3.  DIFFERENTIATE THEIR BRANDS ONLINE: Choosing to install solar panels is a major undertaking for homeowners. B9 Solutions is committed to positioning your brand as the go-to authority in solar energy online, fostering customer confidence, and setting you apart from your online competitors.

Are you ready to kickstart the growth of your business? Reach out to us online to book a marketing game-planning session with one of our solar digital marketing consultants.

Digital Marketing For Solar Companies: What It Takes To Boost Leads

In what ways can we contribute to the growth of your solar company? Our online marketing plans encompass a range of digital strategies and services designed to enhance brand credibility, drive website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.



At B9 SOLUTIONS, we tailor our solar digital marketing campaigns to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Before entering into any agreements, allow our team to take charge and conduct a thorough digital competitive analysis. We will provide you with personalized and practical insights to enhance your online presence, increase website traffic, and generate more leads and sales.



Your website has the potential to be your most influential sales and marketing asset. In order to enhance your rankings on search engines such as Google, it is essential that your website incorporates persuasive calls to action, is built on a mobile-friendly platform, and is optimized for rapid loading speed. At B9 Solutions, our website design team has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes, ranging from small local solar companies to large enterprise organizations.


Were you aware that 71% of all Google searches lead to a page one organic click on Google? This implies that you are missing valuable leads and potential sales if your solar company fails to rank for crucial keywords such as “solar company near me” or “solar panel installation” on search engines. Implementing SEO strategies for solar companies can significantly increase your revenue by driving qualified individuals who are actively searching for solar services to your website. SEO ensures a consistent influx of inquiries and keeps your phone ringing.


Were you aware  93% of individuals aged 35-54 actively read online reviews for local businesses? This signifies that homeowners and businesses seeking to adopt renewable energy sources, like solar power, conduct thorough research before selecting a solar company. At B9 Solutions, our local SEO services and reputation management solutions are designed to assist your business in achieving high rankings in your target cities and towns while safeguarding your online reputation against negative reviews.



Want an immediate increase in phone calls? Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a highly manageable and affordable digital marketing strategy for solar companies to secure a prominent position on search result pages of Google and Bing. As a Google Premier Partner, B9 Solutions is among North America’s top 3% of marketing agencies, granting you exclusive access to Google Ads beta programs and a dedicated Google support team that most solar marketing agencies lack.



Utilizing email marketing for solar companies is a cost-effective approach to educating potential customers about solar energy’s advantages and maintaining a prominent presence among prospects who are ready to make a purchase. With B9 Solutions’ proficient email marketing team, you can delegate the entire email marketing process to us. This includes designing appealing email newsletter templates, managing your customer lists, and delivering relevant content directly to prospects’ inboxes at the optimal time.



Regardless of whether you choose Facebook advertising, Instagram, or any other social media platforms, incorporating social media marketing into your solar company’s strategy is a wise decision. Social media provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and enables you to precisely target the desired audience you aim to engage with.



In many cases, your customer service representatives (CSRs) serve as the initial point of contact for marketing-generated leads and offer the best chance to convert callers into booked appointments. If your CSRs have a low success rate in securing appointments, it indicates a weakness in your sales funnel. Enhance your customer service to a world-class level with Smart Selling, a virtual training program specifically designed for solar companies. Additionally, maximize your business potential by closing more deals from your existing lead pool with Lead Recovery.



 When visitors arrive on your website, they anticipate the ability to communicate with your company in their preferred manner. That’s where B9 Solutions Chat, an AI-powered website chat designed explicitly for solar companies, comes into play. With a response time of just three seconds, B9 Solutions Chat is user-friendly and enables website visitors to find relevant information about your company easily. It promptly delivers vital customer details such as name, email, phone number, and lead source to your team through real-time email notifications. Additionally, you have the option for your customer service representatives (CSRs) to take over the chat in real time if desired.



B9 Solutions provides comprehensive transparency and visibility into the effectiveness of your solar digital marketing campaigns. Our marketing analytics services assist you in monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting the data collected by your website. Based on this information, we offer data-driven recommendations to enhance lead generation, boost sales, and optimize your marketing investment on the web.



As a business owner, you may need to gain more extensive expertise in digital marketing for solar companies. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated account manager who serves as your primary contact. They will assist you in navigating through the noise and support you in the process of expanding your business. Additionally, a team of digital marketing specialists will work diligently behind the scenes. They aim to enhance lead generation, drive sales, optimize your marketing expenses, and establish your brand’s unique identity in the online realm.

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