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We create high converting email marketing strategies to generate leads, sales and engagement for your business. Dont sit on your customer data, use it to cale your business.

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We work closely with you to understand your industry, your needs and goals, and your vision for your business, achieving results that make a real impact on your bottom line.


Work with some of Australia’s leading digital marketers, design specialists and content writers to give yourself an edge over the competition.


We’ve opened up our system to give you full access to the facts and figures. Log in and see how your campaign is tracking in real-time, with just a few clicks.


Have you ever engaged an Email Marketing agency’s services? Have you desired to establish direct connections with your customers, ensuring your meticulously crafted content reaches those eager to engage with it? Initiate an impactful email marketing campaign today, forging direct links with your customers. Foster brand commitment and transform interactions into tangible results through captivating email marketing strategies. Every campaign has a distinct objective, whether it’s promotion, sales, conversions, or fostering connections. Engage in a hyper-targeted email marketing strategy. We’ll optimize the approach to align with your specific goals, delivering concrete and measurable outcomes. Partner with B9 Solutions Digital Marketing Company today, kickstarting a comprehensive email system setup complete with tailor-made emails that resonate.

From campaign inception to its culmination, we collaborate closely with you to actualize your vision and achieve your aspirations. If you possess existing emails or content, our email marketing experts can seamlessly transform them into a compelling campaign poised to yield remarkable results. Alternatively, entrust us with complete control, and we’ll shepherd your campaign from initiation to conclusion, encompassing content creation, outreach, and follow-up seamlessly.

Leveraging our extensive email creation expertise, our professionals craft highly precise campaign strategies that yield optimal outcomes. Employing cutting-edge email segmentation and automation tools, we segregate your email database based on demographics, geographic location, and other parameters. Whether you intend to dispatch distinct emails to male and female recipients or exclusively target users who’ve interacted with links in your past emails, the power is in your hands.

If your website needs automated email responses, you overlook a substantial opportunity. Brace yourself for astonishing results through automated emails for abandoned carts, links clicked within emails, lead confirmations, and more. These instances provide valuable chances to engage with an audience already interested and, with the right insights, convert these prospects into sales. All it takes is to undertake this journey!

We accompany you at every stride, informing you about our real-time actions. We provide regular updates on the performance of your campaigns, encompassing converted leads, top-performing emails, click-through rates, and beyond. If you’re pursuing specific objectives, you’ll have precise awareness of your progress and the following steps to take. No more grappling with intricate settings and statistics. You set the goals, and we navigate you toward achievement!

Sometimes, a bit of experimentation leads to extraordinary outcomes. Through A/B testing, we craft two or more variations of the same email and determine the most effective one. This approach unveils the resonating language for your customer base, identifies which emails engage specific customers, and discerns individual customer preferences. Consequently, we deliver more tailored content. This doesn’t just boost conversions and leads; it also furnishes customers with an unparalleled user experience.

We view your database as a valuable business asset and have the expertise to elevate conversions and cultivate relationships for your enterprise through consistent growth. Seize command of your email list and amplify subscriptions via data-driven tests, meticulously crafted templates, and conversion-centric landing pages. Given the myriad opportunities for conversions and sales through email, nurturing and expanding your subscription list should rightfully claim top priority.


We can integrate email marketing with your existing SEO, Social Media or Web Design package, and optimize all three for maximum conversions. Standardise and promote your content across all channels, or reach potential customers with lead driving advertising that converts into emails for your lists. The possibilities are endless! Talk to the team at B9 Solutions, the best SEO Melbourne agency, today for more information.

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