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Need to set and maintain high-quality yet cost-effective sales? Our team at B9 Solutions is here to assist you.

Google Shopping Management Services that Drive eCommerce Sales

Google shopping ads are one of the greatest and best ways for eCommerce businesses to drive more sales. These can help you achieve your objectives and offer niche options like promoting new sales. To get your hands on these perks, you must hire a professional agency that caters to all your needs. If so, B9 Solutions is your perfect destination that offers exclusive Google shopping management services at the most reasonable prices. With us by your side, we can help you sell more and more products with less spend and stretch your online business for maximum ROI. Moreover, our team of savvy marketers offers various services such as bid management, Google shopping feed management, campaign optimization, bid strategy refinement, and much more.

Don’t worry; you are in safe hands! With years of experience as a Google Shopping ads marketer, B9 Solutions will ensure optimizing your campaign and meeting your particular needs under one roof.

Data or Product Feed Optimization

We’ll offer the best Google shopping ads management services and work with you to generate an optimized feed. Our team will ensure you stand out from the competitors and your services can easily be found.

Bid Strategy Optimization

Our Google ads agency knows all the tips and tricks to make your shopping work easy and let your customers have the best possible experience. Make use of our controlled bidding structure, eliminating inefficient spending anywhere.

Real-time Tracking and Monthly reporting

We constantly approach Google’s changing policies and algorithms as well as competitors to deliver the best results for you. Lead your way to more conversions for your eCommerce business.

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    We’re an expert Google Shopping Management Agency that Offers the Following Services:

    Below are some key components to consider when it comes to breaking down the costs for your eCommerce website.
    • Bid management
    • Google feed creation
    • Multichannel feed management/optimization
    • Customer review feed creation
    • Title/Description optimization
    • Google Merchant Center creation and updates
    • Rule-creation for feed management
    • Dynamic remarketing asset management
    • Negative keyword mining
    • Ensuring Google/Microsoft Ads approves products
    • Promotion extension management

    What is Google Shopping?

    Earlier known as Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle, Google Shopping was launched in the year 2002. This feature, invented by Craig Nevill-Manning, integrates a marketplace into a revamped shopping experience. All thanks to the Engineering Director of Google!

    How Does Google Shopping Work?

    Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. Most of us prefer to shop online. For the same purpose, we search on Google for the best platforms, vendors, and deals. What do you see? You’ll find specific product or service boxes appearing on top of the search result bar with images and prices.

    With Google Shopping Ads Management, you can simultaneously browse for products from many providers. These vendors provide Google with their product feed. Google then uses an algorithm to decide which store to display for a given set of search queries. The product feed, websites, bids, and pricing of the stores are the foundation for its judgment.

    Why Use Google Shopping?

    Google Shopping Ads services has been connecting businesses with potential customers at the moment they are looking for a specific product. As per Google, retailers advertising on this platform can see at least a 45% increase in clicks. Also, the conversions might increase by 30%. This means that with Google Shopping Ads management, you can drive more traffic to your website and convert visitors into paying customers. Using Google Shopping ads can offer an array of perks:

    Trust by Association

    One of the biggest perks of using Google Shopping Ads services is that your products will be counted among other big brands on the Google shopping feed. Walmart, for instance. This will give authority to your brand and thus, provide a solid social proof for your online store.

    Qualified Leads

    When you get exposure on Google Shopping, you are sure to get more qualified leads. This is because individuals using the shopping feature are actively looking to purchase a product. However, users using Google Shopping ads management services will purchase your products more than those browsing Google Search.

    Designed with Shoppers in Mind

    Another perk is the shopping tab interface. It is designed to highlight the quality of product photos and descriptions, making it easier for individuals to compare and contrast. It is optimized to spot product features quickly, especially when using the Google Shopping ads management feature on a mobile device.

    Reporting and Metrics

    When it comes to reporting and metrics, you can easily track records when running Google Shopping ads. While Google’s new product, businesses have seen a higher ROI by investing in the platform? Do you also want to try??

    So, get the grips on the powerful targeting options and reach your target audience with the assistance of the best Google shopping ads agency by your side.

    Google Shopping FAQs

    Mostly, it is up to you to decide your Google Shopping Ads services budget. You may have to pay management fees, including monthly fees and your spend’s small percentage (it might be between 7% to 15%). However, this will allow us to allocate the necessary time, ensuring a positive ROI for your Google Shopping campaign.

    Here’s the deal! The best part is that Google shopping ads management offers more flexibility and does not have any minimum budget. You may even choose from cost-per-click as low as $.01 or set a daily budget from $1 to $100,000. This solely depends on your budget and the ROI your campaign delivers.

    Of course, YES! Google Shopping Ads is one of the incredible ways to buy qualified and relevant traffic to your online store. To make it work, ensure handling the arriving traffic and converting them into paying customers. This is one reason why developing landing pages to cater to your ads is paramount for your campaign’s success. This usually sends high-qualified traffic that shows interest in your products and meets other criteria.

    Deciding on a Shopify SEO company requires how well they rank for themselves. Where do they show up when you search “Google Shopping Ads Agency,” “Shopify SEO company” or “Shopify SEO services?” ensure the agency you choose to work with doesn’t outsource its services, as it may lead to major website issues. On the contrary, you should work with an established firm that understands how important your website and search rankings value are.

    B9 Solutions is the top-rated award-winning Shopify SEO company delivering top search rankings for 9+ years. We have been in the business of helping eCommerce platforms enhance their business and boost their credibility online.

    Well, you only have to pay for the ads you purchase. If you want to let a professional digital marketing organization manage your Google Shopping Ads management campaign, you have to pay them for the services, including your ads budget.

    You’ll get your hands on many online resources that can help you set up and optimize your Google Shopping campaign. If you are looking for a professional Google shopping ads agency to help you with the same, contact us today!