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How To Remove Your Google Business Profile from Maps and Search?

The interrelation between the Google Maps and Google My Business applications is significant in the realm of business operations. Google My Business, a globally popular tool for local businesses and managing online reputation, is closely linked with the Google Maps platform. As a result of this connection, the ability to delete locations from Google Maps requires access to the Google My Business application. If the intention is to stop a particular business’s management, it is possible to designate it as permanently closed. This action leads to removing both the business’s profile content and its associated managers.

However, while direct management of the business through Google Search or Maps discontinues, there’s a possibility that the business information will still appear on Google’s platforms.

Let’s follow the steps below!

To Remove a Google Business Profile from Google Maps and Search

  • Sign in to Google My Business: Log in to the Google account that manages the business profile. If you’re not the owner, you’ll need to request access from the owner.
  • Select the Business Profile: Once logged in, you’ll see a dashboard with your business listings. Select the business profile that you want to remove.
  • Access Settings: Look for the “Settings” or “Info” tab in your Google My Business dashboard and tap on it.
  • Scroll Down to the “Delete Business” Section: Depending on the layout and interface changes, the exact location of this section might vary. Look for an option that mentions “Delete business profile” or similar wording.
  • Initiate Deletion: Click on the option to delete the business profile. Google might ask you to provide a reason for the deletion.
  • Confirm Deletion: Google will likely ask you to confirm your decision. Read the instructions and prompts carefully.
  • Verification and Confirmation: In some cases, Google might require you to verify your business ownership before allowing you to delete it. This could involve receiving a verification code via phone or email.
  • Submit the Deletion Request: After verification, if required, and confirming your decision, submit the deletion request.
  • Review and Wait: Google will review your request. The review process might take a few days, depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Select the Business Profile: Once logged in, you’ll see a dashboard with your business listings. Select the business profile that you want to remove.

Also, take note of the following few things.

Data Deletion

Once you delete a business profile, its information, reviews, photos, and other associated data will be removed from Google Maps and Search. This process is generally irreversible, so ensure that you want to proceed before confirming.

Impact on Customers

If you delete a business profile, customers who rely on Google Maps and Search for information about your business might be unable to find you. If you intend to hide the listing temporarily, you might want to mark the business as “Temporarily Closed” or adjust the business hours instead of deleting it.

Ownership and Access

Only owners or managers with the necessary permissions can delete a Google Business profile. If you don’t have access, you must request it from the owner.

The Automated FAQs feature in Google Business Profiles exemplifies how AI can be harnessed to boost user experience and business engagement. As with any automated feature, its real strength lies in the collaboration between the technology and the business owners who use it. By actively participating in the process, businesses can ensure they offer a transparent, helpful, and accurate digital front to their potential customers.

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