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Get More Painting Leads & Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Transform your website to a powerful lead-generation tool that goes beyond showcasing your projects.
Ensure that your painting company appears on the first page of Google search results for relevant keywords such as “painter near me” or “house painting,” giving you a competitive edge and driving more leads and sales.

Optimize your online presence and increase visibility, allowing potential customers to find and choose your painting services over your competitors easily. Utilize B9 Solutions’ comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored explicitly for painting contractors, enabling your business to reach the audience and generate more qualified leads.

Maximize the potential of your website by implementing strategies that attract and convert website visitors into valuable leads, helping your painting company grow and thrive in the digital landscape.

  1. INCREASE LEADS AND SALES: Increase website traffic and drive more phone calls by harnessing the power of both paid and organic advertising methods. By utilizing a strategic blend of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, Local Services ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for painting companies, and other effective strategies, your painting business will gain online visibility and be easily found for your most important keywords. Our proven techniques will help your painting company achieve prominent online visibility, effectively attracting customers who are actively searching for your services. We will Navigate targeted traffic to your website by implementing PPC campaigns, Local Services ads, and search engine optimization strategies, significantly enhancing your chances of converting visitors into valuable leads and sales. Services ads, and search engine optimization strategies, significantly enhance your chances of converting visitors into valuable leads and sales.
  2. OPTIMIZE ITS MARKETING COSTS: Enhance your campaigns’ return on investment (ROI) by partnering with the skilled painter marketing specialists at B9 SOLUTIONS. Our dedicated team is focused To help you generate more leads from your online marketing investment without the need for additional spending. Through our expertise and strategic approach, we will optimize your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness, ultimately driving more leads and increasing your business’s success without expanding your budget.
  3. DIFFERENTIATE WITH YOUR BRAND ONLINE: Establish your real-world expertise and become the leading authority in your market by showcasing it online.


Unlock the Potential of Online Marketing for Painting Contractors: Discover the Essential Steps to Increase Your Painting Leads

How will our services contribute to the growth of your painting company? Our comprehensive painter marketing plans encompass a range of online marketing strategies and services. Collectively, these initiatives aim to enhance your brand authority, drive more traffic to your website, generate an abundance of leads, and ultimately secure more booked jobs.



Before committing to contractual agreements, we ensure that you clearly understand how your website measures up against your top three competitors. Our team of expert digital marketing consultants at B9 Solutions will conduct a thorough digital competitive analysis tailored explicitly to your painting business. This analysis will impart valuable insights and recommendations on how to outperform your competitors online, boost lead generation, and enhance your overall online presence and performance. Rest assured, you will receive actionable strategies to propel your business forward.


Many painters perceive their website as a mere online portfolio to display their recent projects. However, your website can potentially serve as a virtual sales representative capable of generating significant leads every month. Consider a new painting website if your current website is not actively driving lead generation. At B9 Solutions, our team of skilled digital designers has successfully crafted over 1,000 websites for contractors. We understand the vital elements required to create visually appealing painter websites that are mobile-friendly and optimized to convert visitors into valuable leads. Furthermore, our websites are designed to load swiftly, ensuring seamless and hassle-free customer experiences.


 Search Google for “painting company near me” and check if your competitors rank higher than your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach to improve your site’s ranking on various search engines like Google, which can increase website traffic and leads. By explicitly implementing SEO techniques tailored explicitly for painting companies, you can improve your keyword rankings and reach the top of Google’s search results page.



By incorporating local SEO best practices into your traditional painter SEO efforts, you can enhance your visibility on Google within the cities and towns where you provide your services. This involves activities such as citation building, which ensures that your business’s name, phone number, address, and website information are correct and consistent across online directories like Google My Business. Additionally, effectively managing your online reviews and overall online presence through reputation management will further optimize your painting website for local search results.



Are you looking to increase your lead generation quickly? Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) might be the solution for you. Specifically designed for painters, PPC advertising offers high control and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to secure a prominent position in Google and Bing search results. You can quickly generate more leads by targeting potential customers through search ads. Moreover, with Display and Remarketing ads, you can also maintain brand visibility and stay in mind with potential customers for future painting projects.


Build trust with potential customers by becoming a Google Guaranteed painting company and leveraging Local Services ads (LSA). When customers search for painting services on Google, they can directly contact you through the LSA platform, ensuring a steady stream of estimates and jobs for your business. LSAs also occupy the prime advertising space at the top of Google search results, maximizing your visibility and increasing leads and sales generated from online sources. This powerful combination of being Google Guaranteed and utilizing LSAs can significantly boost your business’s success.


Email marketing is a valuable tool for painting companies, offering simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With a database of loyal customers and interested homeowners in your area, you can easily stay top of mind by regularly reaching out via email. Take advantage of this platform to educate your audience about the latest house painting trends and provide exclusive promotions. By utilizing email marketing, you can effectively nurture customer relationships, keep your brand at the forefront, and drive engagement with your painting services.


Social media marketing is a wise investment for painting contractors that can yield great results. Whether you choose Facebook advertising, Instagram, or other platforms, social media offers an affordable alternative to traditional PPC advertising. The best part is that you can precisely target your desired audience, focusing on homeowners within your service area. If you’re a commercial painter, don’t hesitate to inquire about LinkedIn advertising, as it can be particularly advantageous for your business. Embrace social media marketing and unlock its potential to expand your reach and attract a new audience.



At B9 Solutions, we provide services that can enhance your marketing funnel throughout your customers’ journeys. If your team struggles to schedule inbound calls or has a low booking rate, we suggest trying Smart Selling. Smart Selling is a CSR training program that aims to assist your business in boosting ROI by increasing appointment bookings without the need for additional advertising expenses. By combining Smart Selling with Lead Recovery, a service designed to allow you to secure new business, you can witness a significant improvement in ROI and the overall effectiveness of your painting marketing campaigns.



When visitors arrive on your website, they anticipate the ability to interact with your business in a way that suits their preferences. Introducing B9 Solutions, an AI-powered website chat designed specifically for home service contractors. This innovative solution promptly addresses customer inquiries within three seconds. B9 Solutions Chat is user-friendly, enabling website visitors to access relevant information about your company easily. Additionally, it swiftly provides your team with vital customer details, such as their name, email, phone number, and lead source, through real-time email notifications and optional live chat features.



At B9 Solutions, we are the industry leader in home services marketing data and analysis. Our ad tracking and analytics expertise offer you unparalleled transparency into the performance of your painting marketing campaigns. With our services, you can quickly identify which campaigns generate genuine leads and determine the channels that deliver the highest (and lowest) return on investment (ROI). Equipped with this valuable information, you can confidently make well-informed marketing decisions that will propel the growth of your business.


As a business owner, we understand that you may not have the expertise in digital marketing for painting companies. That’s why we offer you a dedicated manager who will be your main contact, providing guidance and support to navigate the complexities of painter marketing. They will accompany you throughout your journey of business growth. In addition, you will have a team of painter marketing professionals working behind the scenes to boost your leads and sales, optimize your marketing expenses, and establish a unique online brand presence.

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