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Need to enhance your paid advertising campaign? Find an expert who offers a unique skill set coupled with expertise and experience. Well, there’s no need to roam around searching for the same, as we’re your one-stop destination for PPC campaign requirements. Our PPC consultants can help you enhance your paid campaign and boost ROI by up to 200%.
  • Google Partner organization incorporating in-house PPC consultants
  • Detailed PPC campaign consulting and recommendations
  • Campaign update implementation and execution
  • Proven success in eCommerce, B2B, B2C, and lead generation

PPC Consultants Who Acquire New Customers and Leads

Do you need to launch your Pay Per Click campaign and maximize business performance within a short span? If yes, we can help! At B9 Solutions, we can make every buck count by offering the best PPC services at our end. Our PPC consultants understand that the way you market governs how the world sees and reacts to your business or brand. The more good it is, the more leads you generate. Advertising has always been a priority for businesses, no matter the industry. With our PPC consultants and their consulting services by your side, you can make an informed decision and bridge the gap between PPC and search engine optimization. This can help you overcome issues, making your strategies work together. We’ll also provide the necessary resources and budget to let you grab such opportunities and capitalize your business. If you are looking for an unbiased option to grow your business and generate more leads, B9 Solutions is one of the best platforms you can opt for. We’re delighted to help you, delivering the best-in class PPC consulting services!

ROI-Focused PPC Consulting

You are willing to get outcomes when you are paying for web traffic. Our PPC consultants can help you generate positive response, further enhancing your ROI for your PPC campaigns. All you need is our guidance to be on the right track.

Expert PPC Consultants for 9+ Years

We’ve been experts in PPC and paid traffic for over 9+ years. Our PPC experts handle campaigns and make it work on platforms such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook, and much more.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Take your first step toward acquiring a loyal customer base by making informed business decisions with the assistance of our PPC specialists. B9 Solutions won’t leave any stone unturned and will indeed move your business forward.

Get Your PPC Consulting Estimate

Whether a business owner, a CMO, or a marketing manager looking to probe the PPC benefits, we will assist your business to better leverage the paid traffic. With our effective PPC consulting services, we can help your business increase sales, no matter an eCommerce business or a B2B company in search of better leads. We will craft, optimize, and execute a successful PPC ad campaign for you. Fill out the form below or call our PPC experts at +1 (619)-752-3339 to discuss your project.

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    In Depth Business Review and PPC Campaign Analysis

    The first and foremost step toward a successful business is to build a strong relationship. Our PPC consultants are experts in building a solid customer base, thus enhancing stability. We will then gain knowledge of your business, its ins and outs, goals, target audience, and other marketing objectives. Moreover, we will interrelate all the pieces to create a big picture of your campaign. This way it becomes easy to reach our goals within the acquired time frame. Our professional PPC specialists will identify your business needs and requirements and offer tailored solutions effective to boost your ROI.

    No Paid Search Platform Left Unturned

    You’ll find an array of paid traffic mediums that are available to you. It incorporates Google at the forefront followed by Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and much more. All in all, PPC reaims an effective way to boost your conversions, online sales, and generate more leads. It is also necessary to understand which platforms makes sense for your business and act accordingly.

    Strategic PPC Management, Testing, and Refinement

    With over 9+ years of industry experience, B9 Solutions is committed to offering you the best possible PPC ads management services at the most reasonable prices. We have been at the forefront to providing these services to give your business the edge it deserves by maimizing the paid traffic medium. Let’s work together and create something extraordinary to make your business shine through among your competitors.

    PPC Consulting FAQs

    Having a PPC consultant for your eCommerce business or B2B company can work wonders. They can help you create and manage your online advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic. Not only this, your business can even see increased conversions and great results when it comes to Pay Per Click campaigns. So, with PPC experts at B9 Solutions, imagine your conversions tripled in no time.

    The costs for a Pay Per Click campaign may vary by business, industry, and strategy. The range of prices might include your ad spends and additional expenses like management services from a PPC agency. Typically, PPC consulting services may range between $2,000 to $10,000 per month and might be billed between $150 to $225 per hour.

    One of the most important thing when hiring a PPC consultant is finding someone you can get along well and work with. Ensure you both communicate easily and effectively. The next thing you should look for when hiring a PPC consultant is they should be highly skilled in PPC with sufficient experience and hands-on management of hundreds of campaigns.
    Another big thing when considering a PPC consultant, ensure asking for case studies or instances about how they have helped other businesses accomplish their goals. Moreover, be sure to ask for a pricing quote to make it easy for your to compare costs and let one of the services fit within your marketing budget.

    Some of the most common PPC marketing platforms are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads. These channels allow businesses to target potential customers based on demographics, interests, and other factors into account. These platforms also charge a fee for every click, making them a pay per click channel. B9 Solutions is centered to manage paid PPC campaigns across all the channels and assist you with its exceptional PPC consulting services to better determine where to spend all your hard earned money.