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Digital Marketing for Roofing Companies

Are you seeking an increase in roofing leads and booked jobs? Look no further than digital Marketing for Roofing Contractors

The success of your roofing enterprise hinges on effective marketing that generates leads and boosts job bookings. Rising to the country’s premier roofing contractors ranks isn’t solely attributed to impeccable service but also to adept marketing strategies that attract fresh leads and transform current clients into vigorous advocates for your brand.

Achieving this goal requires a marketing collaborator well-versed in the roofing domain and contemporary marketing approaches that thrive in the digital era. For instance, have you realized that your website is your most vital sales and marketing asset? When consumers seek local services, an overwhelming 97% turn to the Internet for assistance.

Now, individuals are scouring the web for roofing experts such as yourself. The question is, will they discover your business or one of your competitors? Delve further to discover how B9 Solutions‘ comprehensive online marketing strategy can significantly b

oost lead generation and conversion—ensuring a constant stream of incoming calls. Discover more about our holistic solution tailored for local internet marketing services within the roofing industry by perusing below or getting in touch with us today.

Digital Marketing for Roofing Professionals: Boosting Roofing Leads and Securing More Projects

Curious about how we can elevate your roofing leads and sales? Our specialized marketing plans for roofers encompass various online promotional techniques and offerings. Combined, they aim to amplify your brand’s credibility, enhance web traffic, and surge leads and secured projects. Explore the essential services listed below, and we’re eager to support your roofing business’s expansion!

Digital Competitive Analysis

Through an in-depth analysis by B9 Solutions, we'll pinpoint your digital marketing landscape's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Receive actionable steps to bridge any existing gaps and leapfrog competitors. We offer bespoke recommendations to elevate your online visibility and impact.

Content Marketing

Capture, connect with, and captivate your desired audience through the crafting and sharing of pertinent content, spanning landing pages, articles, e-guides, email digests, research documents, and beyond. Our US-based content experts will bolster your digital footprint, positioning you as the go-to authority.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Desire an efficient avenue to amplify your business? For every dollar channeled into email marketing, a whopping $44 is reaped in returns. Our adept email strategists keep your brand resonant with potential and loyal clients via personalized newsletters. Experience the power of strategic email outreach today!


Fancy the precision of pay-per-click adverts but seeking a more wallet-friendly alternative to Google AdWords? Venture into Facebook's granular ad campaigns! Here's why: Facebook dominates one-sixth of all online minutes and a fifth of mobile time.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Aware of your website's efficiency in turning browsers into leads? Our conversion gurus will deploy tests to boost your site's lead generation efficacy. We've successfully doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled conversion rates for roofing entities.

Website Design & Development

A significant 63% of customers predominantly rely on your business's website for engagement. Moreover, 48% of individuals consider website aesthetics paramount in assessing a firm's reliability. What narrative does your website craft for your enterprise?

Linkedin Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn boasts a B2B audience with purchasing power that's double that of the typical online audience. Notably, four in five LinkedIn users have a say in business-related decisions. Engage with this influential crowd via LinkedIn promotions. Delve deeper into this precision-focused approach to reach pivotal decision-makers today!

Pay Per Click

A staggering 97% of digital journeys kick off with a search engine, yet the top three sponsored ads secure 41% of the clicks on the results page. Pay-per-click offers an efficient avenue to usher in more relevant site visitors, generating immediate leads and conversions. The icing on the cake? Immediate results, no waiting.

Search Engine Optimization

Aiming for a surge in organic traffic, leads, and business engagements? The majority, 97%, of your clientele's digital experiences initiate with search engines. Bolster your enduring online credibility and witness an uptick in quality site traffic and conversions via search engine optimization (SEO).


With 81% of US individuals owning at least one social media account and dedicating a minimum of two hours daily to these platforms, investing in social media marketing is a no-brainer. Embark on comprehensive campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.


Videos have a 50-fold higher chance of ranking organically in search outcomes compared to text content. By 2019, projections indicated video would dominate 80% of the global web traffic and 85% in the US. So, why the delay? Elevate your site, distinguish your brand, and boost leads with compelling video content!


Seeking 100 authenticated reviews in a mere 10 days? We've achieved this for our clientele and are balanced to do the same for you. "Rate Us Today" is our innovative tool designed to garner reviews for your website and other platforms in a trio of effortless steps. Request your complimentary demo now!


Leverage the potency of call monitoring with us to dramatically enhance customer interactions and optimize your marketing ROI. Our squad stands ready to assist your enterprise in deriving maximum benefit from each telephonic conversation.


A unified brand narrative and design underscore your firm's excellence, trustworthiness, worth, and expertise, regardless of its size, sector, or locale. In marketing, businesses with a potent brand narrative command a significant edge over rivals.


Does your organization boast an internal marketing crew, yet you sense a gap in digital marketing and SEO expertise? From vast corporations to prominent associations or leading roofing material providers, our tailored strategy and analytics guidance might be your solution. Reach out, specifying your consultancy needs.


Search outputs vary based on user location, emphasizing the significance of regional SEO for roofers. 97% of consumers resort to online searches for local amenities, while 82% of smartphone enthusiasts utilize search engines for local enterprise queries. The absence of robust local SEO can mean your rivals capture the market. website chat bubble icon.


B9 Solutions Chat simplifies customer interactions via website chatting. Offering both AI-driven and real-time chat features, you can opt for a fully automated or more personal approach. This streamlines customer interactions and liberates your customer service reps, ensuring swift service delivery.


It's a familiar scenario: a potential lead slips through due to an oversight by a customer service representative. Have you pondered the potential earnings lost from such instances? With B9 Solutions’ Lead Recovery offerings, optimize the potential of your current leads and ensure your marketing investments are fully realized.

Why You Need A Comprehensive, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

Many roofing contractors approach us focused on a single marketing avenue—be it a website, search engine optimization, or pay-per-click advertising. However, this approach falls short. Optimal roofing marketing strategies engage potential clients throughout the entirety of the contemporary buyer’s journey. Relying on just one or two channels can be limiting, as not every marketing medium is suited for every phase of the sales funnel.

That’s why we always encourage our clients to take a multi-channel approach when advertising roofing businesses.

Optimize Your Roofing Marketing ROI Through Precise Analytics & Monitoring

Investing time and resources in ineffective promotional tactics isn’t feasible for most roofing businesses. At B9 Solutions, we prioritize precision. We meticulously monitor and assess every marketing initiative— from pay-per-click campaigns and SEO to email newsletters. This approach ensures that effective strategies are amplified while less impactful ones are adjusted or discarded.

But rest assured; you won’t be inundated with a barrage of reports or data tables to sift through. We recognize that managing your roofing business demands your attention. Instead, we streamline the data, providing clear, actionable insights to elevate your marketing endeavors. B9 Solutions’ comprehensive analytics offerings encompass the following:

  • Comprehensive ad tracking and evaluation
  • Tailored research and insights
  • Telephonic conversation monitoring and archiving
  • Enhancing conversion rates
  • Expertise in Google Analytics
  • Detailed website analytics and oversight
  • Plus, much more!

In essence, the foundation of effectively marketing your roofing venture online lies in precisely measuring and tracking your promotional efforts, ensuring every dollar you invest is accounted for.

Want to Get Roofing Leads? It Starts with an Optimized Website


Don’t perceive your website as a mere digital pamphlet. Instead, envision it as an online sales representative adept at generating leads and sales for your roofing business, often at a fraction of conventional marketing and advertising expenses. With that in mind, consider how accessible your roofing website is to potential clients unfamiliar with your brand.

Ponder the digital platforms where your clients typically spend their time. Indeed, many utilize search engines to seek your roofing services as needed, but that’s only part of the picture. At its core, successful Internet marketing resembles a real estate endeavor. Your objective should be to efficiently acquire, cultivate, and sustain as much digital real estate as necessary to cement your reputation as a leading authority in the roofing sector.

Elevate Your Roofing Business to Google's Front Page


Achieving prominent organic rankings necessitates portraying your local roofing enterprise as the foremost domain expert and target market expert. To stand out on platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, three primary factors come into play:

  1. Web Structure & Optimization: Your website’s structure should facilitate easy navigation and indexing by search engines. At B9 Solutions, our web development team is adept at crafting sites and landing pages that aren’t just visually striking and search engine-friendly. This ensures your roofing business receives increased online traffic, leads, and augmented sales.
  1. Consistent & Quality Content: Continually producing unique, pertinent, and standout content is key. Our team of content creators is seasoned in drafting digital content for the roofing industry—covering blogs, landing pages, press releases, email newsletters, e-books, and more. So, you can sit back and relax unless you’re keen on contributing!
  1. Credible Backlinking: To solidify your online authority, reputable and relevant sites should link to yours. With B9 Solutions, you’re safe; we only engage in ethical link-building practices, ensuring no dubious tactics that might invite penalties from search engines.
Engaging with B9 Solutions as your SEO and content partner means you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager, supported by a team comprising an analyst, a web designer/developer, and a proficient copywriter. Our comprehensive monthly reports will directly correlate your website’s SEO capability to tangible business outcomes for your roofing enterprise.

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    Are you aware that nearly 50% of all Google searches are conducted with local intentions? Beyond enhancing your organic rankings with SEO, it’s crucial for local roofing businesses to also fine-tune their presence for Google’s local search results. These local results typically surface ahead of organic listings, boosting the likelihood of potential clients clicking on your business.

    Being a prominent SEO agency, we recognize the value of securing multiple first-page listings—encompassing local, organic, and paid spots. Our local SEO strategies are tailored to amplify your roofing business’s prominence in location-specific searches.

    Pay Per Advertising For Roofers

    Where does a potential customer go when seeking services from a local roofing company? Most online users navigate via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Right now, potential clients might look up terms like “copper roofing” or “slate roofing” on Google. Is your website visible to them? Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can effectively steer more local traffic to your website, generating increased leads and sales.

    Beyond local SEO and content marketing, PPC is a powerful tool to ensure your company’s presence on the search engine’s first page. After setting up your ads via Google AdWords, you’ll witness your advertisement come to life in just a few hours, enjoying full command over budget, text, and positioning. When B9 Solutions oversees your PPC endeavors, we cover the whole spectrum—from keyword selection and crafting compelling ad copy to bid management and ad variation testing. This allows our data-driven PPC specialists to hone in on success while you focus on masterfully steering your roofing enterprise.

    In the Realm of Roofing Company Marketing, B9 Solutions Reigns Supreme.

    B9 Solutions is not just another marketing agency for roofers. We envision ourselves as an integral ally to your venture. Given our longstanding expertise in roofing marketing, we promote your enterprise as if it were our own, ensuring a deep understanding of your services, products, sales tactics, competitors, and market nuances.

    Eager for a surge in roofing leads and secured contracts? Reach out to us today, and we’ll gladly connect you with some of our satisfied roofing clientele!

    Want To Talk With Our Expert Team?
    Our expert team comprises highly skilled professionals and subject matter experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We have a diverse group of experts from various fields, ensuring we can provide insights and solutions across various industries and disciplines. Our experts have a proven track record of excellence in technology, finance, healthcare, education, and more.

    Digital Marketing Services FAQ

    Discussing digital marketing for roofing companies means addressing all the promotional and client engagement tasks executed via online platforms. This encompasses your website, social media presence, email campaigns, video promotions, online articles, your listings on directories such as Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Nextdoor, and Google, as well as online advertisements like Google Local Services and other PPC campaigns.
    Roofing companies should allocate resources to digital marketing since individuals seeking roof replacement or repair services, such as homeowners and property managers, predominantly initiate their search online. Ensuring online visibility is paramount to secure the selection of your roofing business over competitors.
    Our comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions caters to roofing contractors. These encompass website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media management, email marketing, live chat services, analytics and monitoring, video marketing, branding, and more.
    SEO, web design, and PPC are foundational services with potential advantages for most roofing professionals. However, determining the optimal additional services for your enterprise hinges on factors like your operational region, an array of roofing services, objectives, and financial resources.
    The marketing services cost varies depending on your selected package, ranging from $500 to $5000+ per month.
    Inbound marketing encompasses various strategies like content marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, and social media. These strategies aim to attract and engage potential clients/customers at the moment they express interest or intent. In contrast, traditional marketing tactics like billboards, cold calling, direct mail, print, radio, tradeshows, and TV interrupt uninterested individuals with unwanted messages.
    Clients availing of qualifying packages receive monthly reports, and our account managers are renowned for their responsiveness and meticulous attention to detail. Expectations for reporting and communication protocols will be established during our initial intake call.