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For 9+ years, B9 Solutions has been an expert agency focusing on Shopify SEO services all over India. As the best Shopify SEO agency, we can help you drive higher rankings, traffic, and sales in a short span. With a firm dedication to eCommerce search engine optimization, proven techniques, and SEO strategies, we will get the ball rolling quicker for your Shopify store. Our team will be happy to assist you in every way possible!

With a professional team of SEOs, Designers, and Developers at your service, B9 Solutions has been a renowned Shopify SEO agency having your back.

Need to change your Shopify business scenario and redefine your marketplace? We can offer game-changing SEO strategies to help you rank higher among your competitors. Backed by years of experience, we have handled various eCommerce SEO campaigns, driving more sales back to back.

Custom Shopify SEO Plans

Our team provides customer-centric SEO strategies that can help optimize your Shopify sites. We’ll provide the best plans and ensure making it work for you.

Experts in Shopify Inside and Out

With over 9 years of experience, we’ve been the best Shopify SEO services dedicated  to working for our clients. Worry not; you are in safe hands!

Is Shopify Campaign for You?

Confused about choosing the perfect campaign for your business? B9 Solutions will make it easy for you. We’ll clear your doubts and answer every question that bothers you.

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    We’ll deliver a proven SEO strategy that outlines the biggest Shopify SEO challenges and also offers solutions to fix them.

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    • Our In-House Team

    We have a competent in-house team to help you with your SEO and other digital marketing needs. If you require other initiations, we also provide eCommerce website design and development services.  

    • More About the Shopify Shopping Cart and eCommerce Platform

    It is imperative that you choose the right platform to sell your products and gain business profits. Shopify is one of the best and most popular online shopping carts individuals use today. Besides empowering millions of eCommerce websites, the platform comes with many SEO challenges. If you are on the hunt for the best Shopify SEO agency in India, ensure you find an agency that believes in transparency, trust, and relationships. 

    At B9 Solutions, we offer businesses innovative eCommerce solutions for Shopify websites. Having years of experience, we can help you configure your products, URLs, and categories and make them as SEO-friendly as possible. Our team makes it worth it by delivering results to the right audience in the most effective way.

    So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to launch your website within the limits of what Shopify offers? Here we are at B9 Solutions, providing innovative strategies that are unparalleled and unsurpassed. Reach out to us for a quote, and our Shopify SEO service providers will work together in your favor.

    Shopify SEO Tips for Ranking Your Store at the Top of Google

    Want to grow your online sales with the best Shopify SEO agency? You can use Shopify SEO strategies that can help rank your store at the top of organic search.

    Let’s face it! Whether you perform in-house SEO or choose an expert to handle the campaign for you, landing on top of Google is no easy task. Below are some easy tricks to help you create a successful eCommerce search engine optimization campaign.

    What's included in Shopify SEO services?
    • Custom Shopify SEO strategy
    • Google ads campaign budget analysis
    • Competitor ads review
    • Landing page creation and optimization
    • Google ads campaign set up
    • Conversion rate optimization and much more
    • Category Optimization
    • URL optimization & updates
    • Google Ads consulting focused on eCommerce sales
    • Code review and optimization
    • Content marketing and content creation
    • eCommerce keyword research

    Optimize Shopify Site Structure

    Content is KING!!!! The way you optimize your content on a web page is of utmost importance for SEO success. When shoppers find things and products, they can easily navigate through your website and spend more time viewing more pages. This can impact your search engine rankings.
    Make sure your website structure is simple and easy for search engines to crawl, further ranking your products.
    Improve User Experience: To rank higher in search results, you need to improve your user experience. There are a few ways to help you out.

    Boost your site speed: Site speed relies on accessibility. To make your Shopify store run faster, you can:

    • Use a mobile-friendly theme
    • Use optimized, smaller pages
    • Remove apps you are not using
    • Avoid sliders etc.

    Use a responsive design: A responsive design can help your store look perfect on any device, including tablets, phones, and desktops. These designs can help improve your user experience and keep visitors for longer on your site. Ensure your Shopify store works the best on mobiles as shoppers prefer it the most while purchasing services or products.

    Research the Right Target Keywords : Keyword research is the foundation of SEO success. No guide is complete without keywords that matter the most. How do you get the right ones? You can do one thing; start by making a list of main topics rather than going for fancy tools. Stand in the customer’s shoes and then think about making changes that are closely related to your product. Research, check out, and expand your keywords list!

    Optimize Shopify Product Pages : A keywords list will act as a logical site structure by which you can easily optimize your Shopify store pages. Start with the top pages, like your home page, and then proceed forward. Moreover, decide how to name your pages across the entire site by using keywords in a consistent way. 

    Next, write some titles and descriptions for your product categories. Reevaluate and optimize to fit in the page naturally. Let your customers thank you for the best possible outcomes.

    Build Links to Your Store : Search engines use backlinks to figure out how the community values your site. This strategy can help you build your credibility and trustworthiness in the long run. 

    Rank Higher with Content Marketing : Content is the main reason a customer visits your site. Having an eCommerce business, you might skimp on content or consider product descriptions to be enough. Trust us, you can succeed by creating original content that can add to your overall user experience. 

    Prepare a list of things that your customers might ask, or you think they want answers to. Always provide real answers rather than product information. Let your potential customers know your brand in a way that doesn’t concern selling.  

    Use the Best Shopify Apps and Tools : Use the best Shopify tools to boost your site rankings while still improving your SEO. Make sure your site is as optimized as it should be. Additionally, the apps are also worth looking for as these help get your store information to search engines. 

    Want to take your Shopify SEO to the next level?
    So, optimize your Shopify store and expand your business from the traffic you already have. Get in touch with our experts to help you rank higher on Google. You’ll be climbing up the search results rankings with the best Shopify SEO agency in no time.
    Shopify SEO FAQs
    Shopify services can help can help improve your Shopify storefront for search engine optimization (SEO). This will improve your online visibility, sales, and website traffic. SEO for Shopify stores includes content creation, keyword research, technical optimizations, on-page modifications, and more.
    The Shopify SEO services cost may vary. It depends on the keywords you are looking for and how well your site ranks on the search results. Being an eCommerce platform, many of them would want to sell their products by ranking nationally and internationally. Basically, our SEO plans and pricing range somewhere from $500 to $3500+ per month, depending on the effort we put in and the services you require. Your sales will exponentially grow when you are on top of search results in Google or other search engines. To get started, we can provide you with an SEO audit and a proposal.

    Basically, you are making your website better with Shopify SEO services. It is further better for humans as well as Google robots. Being the best Shopify SEO agency, we’ll create authoritative category and product pages that are easily understood, correctly coded, and have the right SEO elements at the right place. B9 Solutions offers proven eCommerce SEO services and applies them to your Shopify website. We’ll make your site rank higher and convert better.

    Deciding on a Shopify SEO company requires how well they rank for themselves. Where do they show up when you search “Shopify SEO company” or “Shopify SEO services?” ensure the agency you choose to work with doesn’t outsource its services, as it may lead to major website issues. On the contrary, you should work with an established firm that understands how important your website and search rankings value are. B9 Solutions is the top-rated award-winning Shopify SEO company delivering top search rankings for 9+ years. We have been in the business of helping eCommerce platforms enhance their business and boost their credibility online.
    Initiating an SEO campaign on your Shopify website means you should have clear and realistic goals. If you have a website with some domain authority and decent search rankings, you may expect results within 30 to 90 days from optimization. On the other hand, if you have a brand new Shopify website, it might take up to a year to gain proper traction. We are here to review your site and provide suggestions depending on where your site currently stands.
    Shopify has some twists and turns when it comes to SEO. A standards issue might come with on-page or technical SEO, like the URL structure where every category page falls. This is not ideal for SEO purposes as well as a deal breaker unless you don’t stand having “collections” in all your URLs. In addition, Shopify filters may also generate duplicate content issues. An SEO expert familiar with Shopify can easily handle those issues. Moving on, with any and every SEO campaign, you ought to review your conversion rates and CTAs (Call To Action). It’s good when you drive new traffic to your website. But it is far more excellent yet important to drive your visitors and convert them into Shopify store sales.
    Determining whether SEO works for your business may take a three-step process into account. First, have the keywords you most care about increase in rankings. Second, are you getting more traffic to your website? To analyze this step, you can make use of a tool like Google Analytics, to make it easy for you. And third, did your online sales increase? Or did they go up through the organic channel? Google Analytics can easily help you filter eCommerce sales by channel, and watch out for those coming from organic search.
    Framing your keywords list is a combined process where we research keywords and provide you with those you feel are valuable. Provide your suggestions as you know more about your business than any Shopify SEO agency does. If you don’t come up, you might miss the important keyword in your list. Remember your list should contain every keyword, including the time each keyword or phrase is searched in a month. The search volume may help determine the most valuable keyword to your business if you’re to rank #1 on page or overall for that keyword or phrase.
    Doing SEO on an eCommerce website is far more different as it deals with hundreds of category or product pages. This demands unique expertise and dynamic optimization strategies to rank #1 on search results. SEO companies inexperienced in eCommerce SEO may lack tasks and won’t show up anywhere. This is a sheer wastage of your time and money. Before deciding on a Shopify SEO company, always ask for references and instances of other Shopify websites and eCommerce businesses. If an organization is highly experienced, they’ll leverage their past knowledge without hesitation, making your campaign successful in no time. Ensure your selected company focuses on primary SEO and should not be a social media expert. Another highlight of SEO is to deal with search engine algorithm changes as they roll out. An experienced Shopify SEO agency like ours will be well-endowed to deal with the changes. With us, you can consistently drive up sales revenue via high-ranking search terms.
    Producing fresh blog posts and articles is of much importance for an ongoing SEO campaign. Creating content and optimizing pages will allow you to target new keywords that you may not have pages to target. When starting content, always consider search intent and traffic conversion rate. Keeping this strategy in mind, we’ll drive traffic to your site that turns into sales in no time.