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Boost your call volume, lead generation, and revenue through digital marketing strategies tailored for the self-storage and portable storage industry.

If you’re a local storage facility or a provider of portable storage solutions in search of a digital marketing collaborator to enhance occupancy rates and drive increased leads, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination.
Consider your website as the paramount tool for sales and marketing in your storage enterprise. Conduct a Google search for “self-storage near me” or “portable storage containers.” How effortless is it to locate your website? Your website operates as a virtual sales representative, with the potential to generate a multitude of leads every month. It remains active without breaks, constantly promoting your business to local customers.

B9 Solutions is a specialized storage marketing company focusing on digital marketing strategies designed for portable storage and self-storage establishments. Our dedicated team relentlessly strives to assist you in achieving the following objectives:

  1. INCREASED LEAD AND SALES : Drive higher website traffic and increase inbound calls by harnessing the power of a strategic blend of paid and organic advertising techniques. Elevate the visibility of your storage company to secure a prime position on the initial search engine results page for your key search terms. Our approach integrates cutting-edge methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Local Services ads, and a spectrum of other well-established online marketing tactics. These strategies have demonstrated their effectiveness in empowering storage companies to amplify their lead generation and online sales potential.
  2. OPTIMIZE ITS OPERATING COST: Enhance the return on investment (ROI) of your storage digital marketing endeavors by collaborating with the specialized marketing professionals at B9 Solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to amplifying your lead generation through online marketing, all while staying within your existing budget. With a focus on optimizing costs and quantifiably elevating ROI, we ensure your marketing efforts yield even greater outcomes.
  3. DIFFERENTIATE YOUR BRAND ONLINE: Exhibit your tangible expertise on the digital platform and establish yourself as the definitive authority within your market.
Ready to embark on business growth? Contact us through our online platform to inquire about receiving a complimentary digital competitive analysis for your storage website and ongoing digital marketing strategies. Alternatively, delve into the following sections to gain deeper insights into our array of digital marketing services tailored specifically for companies in the storage industry.

Elevating Your Storage Business through Online Marketing: Unveiling the Path to Generating More Leads

Curious about how we’ll drive the growth of your storage company? Our internet marketing blueprints encompass an array of digital strategies and services synergistically engineered to amplify brand credibility, boost website traffic, cultivate leads, and drive sales.



Familiarity with the score is essential for victory in the game. To surpass your competitors and effectively attract more leads online, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential opportunities and obstacles that await. Before committing to any agreement, our storage digital marketing experts will provide you with a comprehensive digital competitive analysis. This analysis will provide you with practical and actionable insights on enhancing website traffic, increasing inquiries, and boosting leads generated from your website.


Your storage firm’s website serves a purpose beyond being a mere online brochure. Your website must adhere to established web design principles to achieve a strong Google ranking and effectively transform visitors into actual customers. One such principle, Nielsen’s F-shape reading pattern, aids in converting a higher number of visitors into potential leads. With a track record of crafting and launching over 1,000 websites since our inception, B9 Solutions’ website design team possesses the expertise to elevate your website from a simple online brochure to a premier marketing asset for your storage business.


Are you achieving the top position on Google for important search terms related to storage, such as “self-storage near me” or “portable storage containers in [City Name]”? Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, involves refining your site to achieve higher rankings on search engine result pages, making it accessible to local customers. When executed effectively, SEO strategies tailored to storage businesses establish lasting visibility on search engines, leading to increased website traffic, phone calls, and potential customer inquiries.


Utilizing local SEO enhances your Google rankings within the specific cities and towns you operate, merging storage-focused SEO tactics with optimal local SEO methods. This encompassing approach involves constructing citations, fostering reviews, and effectively managing your online reputation. By integrating local SEO, your storage business gains a heightened chance of appearing in the Local Pack, also known as the “maps listings” on Google. Additionally, it guarantees that your storage company remains visible in voice search outcomes through platforms like Alexa and other voice-activated technologies, catering to the preferences of modern customers.


Seeking immediate phone calls? Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a precisely manageable and budget-friendly digital marketing approach tailored for storage enterprises, ensuring prominent visibility on Google and Bing search result pages. B9 Solutions holds the esteemed title of a Google Premier Partner, a recognition granted to the finest 3% of marketing agencies in North America. This status grants you entry to Google Ads beta initiatives and a direct connection to Google’s dedicated PPC support team.


Cultivate confidence among potential clients by being recognized as a Google Guaranteed storage firm through the utilization of Local Services ads. Those seeking your services on Google can conveniently connect with you via the Local Services ads (LSA) platform, contributing to a consistent occupancy of your storage units throughout the year. Notably, Local Services ads secure prime visibility on Google—occupying the pinnacle of the page—thus aiding in amplifying your online leads and sales.


Employing email marketing within the storage sector is uncomplicated, streamlined, budget-friendly, and directed toward pertinent recipients. With an established database of devoted clients and local homeowners who have demonstrated interest in your offerings, email marketing serves as a means to sustain consistent engagement with your audience. This approach enables you to maintain a prominent presence in the minds of your target demographic, enlighten them about your enterprise, and furnish them with monthly discount codes and special offers. Consequently, this strategic use of email marketing becomes instrumental in bolstering leads and sales for your business.


Whether you opt for Facebook advertising, Instagram promotions, or engaging on various social media platforms, embracing social media marketing for storage enterprises is a wise investment for your business. Social media offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional pay-per-click advertising and provides the advantage of precise audience targeting. This enables you to focus on reaching the exact demographic you intend to connect with—namely, homeowners within your designated service region.


Within B9 Solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of services to optimize your marketing funnel throughout your customers’ entire journeys. Should your team encounter challenges in securing inbound calls or grapple with a lower booking rate, we suggest exploring Smart Selling. This innovative program involves customer service representative (CSR) training, strategically devised to enhance your business’s return on investment by boosting appointment bookings without additional advertising expenditure. By coupling Smart Selling with Lead Recovery—a specialized service designed to offer a second opportunity for clinching new business—you’ll witness a remarkable surge in ROI. This synergistic approach will tangibly enhance the efficacy of your storage digital marketing campaigns.


When customers land on your website, they expect to be able to communicate with your business on their terms. However, they want. Enter B9 Solutions Chat is an AI-based website chat for moving and storage companies responding to customers’ inquiries within three seconds. B9 Solutions Chat is easy to use, allows website visitors to find relevant info about your company, and puts vital customer information (name, email, phone number, source of the lead) in the hands of your team quickly via real-time email notifications and optional live chat capabilities.


At the forefront of data and analysis for home services marketing, B9 Solutions stands as the authority. With its adeptness in ad tracking and analytics, B9 Solutions delivers unambiguous insight into the efficacy of your storage marketing initiatives. This clarity lets you discern the campaigns that generate leads and identify the channels that yield the most substantial (and least substantial) return on investment. Armed with this knowledge, you can make astute marketing choices, facilitating the expansion of your business.


As a business proprietor, your specialization may be outside the realm of digital marketing for storage companies. This is precisely why we assign you a committed account manager as your primary liaison. This dedicated professional will assist you in navigating through the intricacies of storage and portable storage marketing, facilitating your business growth journey.

Moreover, operating behind the scenes is a complete team of digital marketing experts who are dedicated to elevating leads and sales for your venture. Their efforts encompass refining your marketing expenses for optimal outcomes and establishing a distinctive online identity for your brand. With this comprehensive support, you can confidently steer your business toward success.

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